8 Facts about Massachusetts

Facts about Massachusetts

We all want to be a bit special and unique. For occasionally, it is good to look at your roots, explore your history and where you come from. So, today instead of focusing on Northbridge alone, we want to introduce our county of Worcester and the state of Massachusetts to our traveling readers.

If you are from around here, you may know most of it, small part Northbridge.

1. Massachusetts is Dense

Massachusetts is only 44th in size but 15th in population. Which makes it one of the most densely populated states in the country (3rd currently).

However, most of the population is gathered in the Greater Boston metropolitan area.

2. First in Same-Sex Marriage

We are proud of how inclusive Massachusetts is. In 2004 the state’s Supreme Judicial Court paved the way for the state to become the first to recognize same-sex marriage.

3. Boston Harbor

Boston Tea Party Boston Harbor

You may have studied in school about the Boston Tea Party protest of 1773. What you may not know is that the same harbor where it all happened, also is the first lighthouse in North America.

4. Chocolate

As it was an important harbor, not surprisingly Boston was the cradle for all imports. So, among other things, it also built the first chocolate factory in Boston.

5. Metro

Due to the density of the Greater Boston, you won’t be surprised that it became the home to the first American subway.

6. Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed

When you visit Massachusetts, you will see a lot of apple trees. This is the work of Johnny Appleseed, who planted them from New England to Ohio river valley. Appleseed was named Massachusetts folk hero in 1996.

7. New Ideas

Just imagine the birth of the U.S. This is where most colonists came to and that’s why the state had pioneered in so many areas. But it also paves the way in modern times. Like in online gambling. You may actually be soon able to download slots apps for real. And it’s only 2015 when Massachusetts built their first casino.

8. The oldest learning institution in U.S.


New York may have all the lawyers but guess where they all come from? Harvard, of course, the oldest higher education institution in U.S.