Why Small Towns are like Go-Karts

north bridge

Take your New Yorks and take your San Franciscos. But we believe that small towns like Northbridge are like little lumps of coal. Come a little closer and you may find a beautiful piece of diamond.

Not to say that there is something wrong with mega cities. When it comes to tourist attractions, big name music bands and musicals you will get more results in New York rather than Northbridge. However, the charm, the people, places of untouched beauty – there is no reason why a small town can’t have that.

Why Entertainment In Small Towns Doesn’t Compare To Big Cities?

It is like comparing a Ferrari to a Go-Kart. Ferrari is fast and wild. It is also extremely expensive. Just like one of the world’s largest cities. And then there’s a little cute go-kart. Until you start driving. Find one, sit, turn on the engine and you will see what I mean. Let’s just say that a lack of windshield makes it an outstandingly great, adrenaline-pumping moment. Not to mention that at $5/hour is it also much cheaper than driving a half of a million worth supercar.

Or it is like playing casino games. Most want to be the hot shot at the blackjack or baccarat table. You desire to be the one who is making $100 bets. Everyone around you is in awe. But if you ever saw a rich guy at a casino, you will know that the downswings are hard to bear. How would you feel if you lost $20,000 in a night?

Big cities a lot like that. You will get anything you want but you will also pay for everything.

Not in a small town like Northbridge. Here it is like you would be playing free slots – no download, no registration. You know that you are not shooting for the million dollar prize and that’s OK. Even coming across an offer that allows you to play without any of your own money makes it exciting. You’re happy and people around you are happy for you.

If you want everything on a plate, ready to be consumed, go with a big city.

However, if you want to explore, meet people, find charming places, choose a smaller town. Like Northbridge. Here is everything you need but you also get to create your own adventure that won’t cost you a fortune.

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